Beyond London

Arab theatre in the international scene

Fri 7 July 2017, 4.30pm
Arcola Theatre

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Beyond London - Arab theatre in the international scene

Beyond London - Arab theatre in the international scene


Fri 7 July 2017, 4.30pm
Free event, no booking required

Arcola Theatre

Studio 2
24 Ashwin Street
London, E8 3DL
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London is home to a number of Arab writers, actors, producers and directors. A new generation of Arab theatre is being produced and touring in European countries. Festivals like Shubbak regularly invite theatre from the Arab region.

How do UK’s Arab theatre artists connect internationally? What are the issues for working across borders and genres? How local or international is London’s Arab theatre?

Hear and discuss these urgent issues with leading practitioners. Participating writers and producers include Hassan Abdulrazzak, Sabrina Mahfouz, Alia Alzougbi plus international guests.

Hassan Abdulrazzak is of Iraqi origin, born in Prague and living in London. He holds a PhD in molecular biology and has worked at Harvard and Imperial College. Hassan’s first play Baghdad Wedding, was staged at Soho Theatre in 2007 to great acclaim. His comic monologue play Love, Bombs and Apples was staged at Arcola Theatre in 2015 as part of Shubbak Festival and later had a UK wide tour. His latest play And Here I Am is based on the life of a Palestinian fighter who becomes an artist. It will be shown at the Arcola Theatre (3-8 July 2017) during Shubbak Festival 2017 –

Sabrina Mahfouz was raised in London and Cairo. Her work includes the plays ChefWith a Little Bit of Luck, Clean, Battleface and The Love I Feel is Red; and the poetry collection How You Might Know Me. She received a Fringe First Award for Chef and won a Sky Arts Academy Poetry Award. She will host the event Weaving a Magic Carpet of Poems at the British Library on 15 and 16 July as part of Shubbak Festival 2017.

Alia Alzougbi is a BAFTA-nominated, dynamic storyteller and educator. She has delighted audiences of all ages with tales of wisdom and wiles from around the world, appearing on stages from Kosovo to Belgium to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and the UK. Alia has extensive experience using storytelling in schools and the community. She studied Social Anthropology in Beirut with a particular focus on unearthing alternative oral histories and intangible heritage. This led to her using Performance Storytelling as a form of subverting the dominant narrative, with particular focus on stories from the Arab world and its surrounding regions. Alia is Head of the HEC Global Learning Centre. Alia will take part in Shubbak in Shepherd’s Bush.

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