Iraq: War, Love, God & Madness

Introduced by Maysoon Pachachi

Wed 5 July 2017, 8.30pm
Barbican Centre

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Iraq: War, Love, God & Madness

Iraq: War, Love, God & Madness


Wed 5 July 2017, 8.30pm
Introduced by Maysoon Pachachi
Dir. Mohamed Al Daradji
Iraq – UK, 2008 (83 mins)


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In 2003, Baghdad-born Mohamed Al-Daradji returned home after a decade in exile to film Ahlaam the second feature shot in Iraq post-Saddam Hussein. This documentary follows the idealistic young director as he realises his dream in bizarre and turbulent circumstances.

With its improvised form and unpredictable course the film reflects the incredible risks confronting filmmakers in ‘liberated’ Iraq and celebrates Iraqi people’s spirit to survive amid overwhelming social and political chaos.

Presented as a diptych in association with MUBI, who will screen Ahlaam throughout July, Iraq: War, Love, God and Madness is an important document to understanding conflict in perspective, sadly as timely today as it was when made a decade ago.

Named Variety’s Middle Eastern Filmmaker of the Year in 2011, Mohamed Al-Daradji is one of the most prominent directors working in Iraq today; his multi award-winning films Son of Babylon and In My Mother’s Arms have screened at festivals including Sundance, Berlin and Toronto.

Presented in association with MUBI, who will screen Ahlaam throughout July 2017.

Shubbak’s film programme is presented in partnership with the Arab Fund for Art and Culture – AFAC and the Barbican, with additional support from Al Marred Al Thaqafy, British Council and Molinare.