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Wed 5 July 2017, 8pm
Rich Mix

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Wed 5 July 2017, 8pm


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Rich Mix

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Weaving recordings and live performances based on folk songs from Syria and the Arab world, Neshama includes four performers playing a mix of tabl, bouzouki and oud, mixed with live loops, grooves and electronic beats.

Featuring: Composer and bandleader Wael Alkak (synths, keys, bouzouki and vocal), Composer Yazan Alqaq (oud, bass and vocal), Shadi Khries (percussion) and Mejwiz Poet Osama Alkhairat.



Neshama was founded by  former member of Syrian National Orchestra Wael Alkak.   After leaving Syria he travelled with his mobile studio, recording musicians in Jordan,Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and US. The release of their first album led to the invitation for an artistic residency at the renowned Cité international des Arts (2014) during which he created his second album co-comissioned by Shubbak in partnership with the British Council (London) and Culture Resource (Beirut).

Neshama is a project, it includes recordings and live performances based on folkloric songs and traditional/popular music from Syria and Arabic World in general. The project started independently and based on the first album, it has received an artistic residency in Cité internationale des Arts (2014) to develop the project.

The band focusses on collecting popular songs from Syria. Struggling to create a new style of music which will follow your soul to be in a different and great mode that we already feel in our daily life back in Syria inspired the project, Neshama created a new concept to folklore music based on general attitude other then digital functions.

This process has taken time to prepare. Full Fusion Orchestra sound performing by: Quintet or/and/until solo live performance using digital machines is a way to sound the same live on stage and as on the album.

Since November 2013 until now Neshama developed this experience along with other types of popular inheritance, all presented in a free style performance that uses repetitions along with the creation of new sounds through the Synthesisers and the electronic music instruments.

In 2015 they started producing the second album of Neshama. in Corporation with Shubbak; in partnership with British council (London) and Culture Resource (Beirut).


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