Shubbak in Shepherd’s Bush

Collaboration with Nehna Wel Amar Wel Jiran festival

13–15 July 2017
Shepherd's Bush

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Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran Festival

Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran Festival


Free and family friendly
Full details from 1 July 2017

Thu 13 – Sat 15 July 2017, 10am–7pm
Free event, no booking required
Open access, all day

Shepherd’s Bush Market

Goldhawk Road,
London,W12 8DG
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Bush Theatre

7 Uxbridge Rd
London,W12 8LJ
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Join us for three days of creative interventions as artists take over Shepherd’s Bush’s busy market, and mingle with shoppers and market traders.

As part of its 2017 collaboration with two influential festivals in the Arab region to imagine new responses to local contexts, Shubbak has invited artistic directors Aurélien Zouki and Eric Deniaud (Collectif Kahraba) to commission a series of events for the Shepherd’s Bush area, exploring West London’s vibrant neighbourhood with a rich multicultural history. A collaboration with Nehna Wel Amar Wel Jiran festival featuring Studio Kawakeb, Alia Alzougbi, Variant Space, Maya Youssef and Omer Eltigani.

Nehna Wel Amar Wel Jiran (We, the Moon and the Neighbours) is an annual outdoors festival in Beirut, led by Collectif Kahraba and named after a famous Lebanese song. Throughout the festival, the neighbourhood becomes alive with storytelling, puppetry, theatre, dance and music, and meetings between local residents, artists and visitors.

Experience Beirut’s quirky design collective Studio Kawakeb as they occupy and transform the site through an exploration of the area’s visual identity.

Let yourself be guided by Alia Alzougbi’s storytelling, as she gathers personal and alternative stories.

Immerse yourself and take part in a soundscape booth by London’s all-female arts collective Variant Space, as they record and broadcast local audio chronicles.

Come and enjoy a variety of music performances, including renowned kanun player Maya Youssef.

Let your senses be stirred by Sudanese chef and artist Omer Eltigani’s exploration of food and memory.

Each day will end with a concert at the newly reopened Bush Theatre.

More information on some the artists taking part

Variant Space

Founded in 2014 Variant Space is a platform for Muslim female artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, and aims to counter media misrepresentation and to encourage narratives that are authentic to individuals.

Studio Kawakeb

Studio Kawakeb is a visual arts studio based in Beirut, Lebanon and incubated by Beit Waraq. Specializing in illustration, animation and graphic design, the studio was founded in 2015 with the aim of pushing creative boundaries to contribute to a local and regional visual exploration through projects and collaborations that are process-driven and contextually relevant.

Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran

Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran is a free, outdoor, annual festival, initiated by Collectif Kahraba in Lebanon. It offers theatre, dance, puppetry, storytelling and music in a Beirut neighbourhood, taking the form of a guided tour, with small happenings throughout the evening and unfolding a story that culminates in a highlighted event. The neighbourhood becomes a welcoming space animated by encounters, interactions and collaborations between neighbours, guests, amateurs, professionals, artists, children and adults alike.

Collectif Kahraba

Collective Kahraba is a performing arts company based in Lebanon, comprised of artists and technicians from different backgrounds, that firmly believes that art is a trajectory towards openness and dialogue. Through its artistic activities and public space interventions it aims to foster imagination, critical thinking and curiosity, and widen access to the arts

Alia Alzougbi

Alia is BAFTA-nominated, dynamic storyteller and educator. She has delighted audiences of all ages with tales of wisdom and wiles from around the world, appearing on stages from Kosovo to Belgium to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and the UK. Alia has extensive experience using storytelling in schools and the community. She studied Social Anthropology in Beirut with a particular focus on unearthing alternative oral histories and intangible heritage. This led to her using Performance Storytelling as a form of subverting the dominant narrative, with particular focus on stories from the Arab world and its surrounding regions. Alia is Head of the HEC Global Learning Centre.

Omer Eltigani

Sudanese chef Omer Eltegani spent his first 7 years living in Khartoum, capital city of the Sudan (North). After which his family moved to the UK, returning to the Sudan for regular visits. He has spent years compiling Sudanese recipes, facts and stories to aid cultural understanding of this often misjudged country, and will be presenting some of the results in Shepherd’s Bush!

Maya Youssef

Maya Youssef is a virtuoso Syrian kanun player who has performed all over the world and is the winner of the Exceptional Talent award which enabled her to migrate to the UK early 2012.

Her unique innovative approach to playing the kanun, originally a traditional instrument, have expanded her audiences to international platforms. She combines her extraordinary musical gifts with a generosity of outlook, warmth, humour and optimism. She is currently working on her debut album and completing her PhD at SOAS, where she also teaches the kanun and directs the SOAS Middle Eastern Ensemble. Maya is a regular on the BBC and was featured at the BBC Proms at The Royal Albert Hall amongst other prestigious venues and festivals.


With additional support from the Paul Hamyln Foundation, HIVOS, British Council, Amal – A Said Foundation Project and Al Mawred Al Thaqafy.