Monira Al Qadiri, The Craft, 2017. Installation view. Co-commissioned by Gasworks and the Sursock Museum. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Andy Keate.

The Craft

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Monira Al Qadiri’s first UK solo exhibition, The Craft, includes a semi-autobiographical science fiction film, sculptures and photographs in which international diplomacy is envisaged as an alien conspiracy. Under this umbrella, embassies, conferences, cultural exchange and political activism are represented as elaborately staged ways to conceal diplomats’ true dealings with…
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Watch Shubbak 2015 highlights

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Shubbak 2015 showcased work by over 130 artists across 70 events in more than 40 venues, to a total audience of over 50,000. From the latest DJ talents to Eid on Trafalgar Square, from a densely packed literature festival to graffiti interventions in East London, Shubbak presented new, diverse and…
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