Colette Dalal Tchantcho

Dreamer is a semi-autobiographical performance of urgent witness about three Black women in Arab society. 

Salama, Eman and Juliette. Each a model of possibility, representing the choices and challenges faced by Black women in the Arab World. They are confronted with the weight of invisibility. They assert themselves. They love, hurt, and heal. 

Through their interconnected lives, Dreamer reveals what racism, misogyny and xenophobia look like alongside culture, faith and joy. It interrogates regional gender and sexual politics, the friction between modernity and tradition, and the generational conflicts which shape how black women relate to each other and themselves.  

Dreamer reflects a varied, textured Black experience that has long been silenced and hidden away. 

Lead Creative and Performer: Colette Dalal Tchantcho

Dreamer was created with a team of eight dedicated artists. For some of these artists, being named publicly as a collaborator in a work tackling themes such as colorism, queerness, and the politics of Arab Society could impact their future work, visa status and physical safety. Listing only those who are safe to be named perpetuates the imbalance of visibility that can happen when white western collaborators are invited to work in an Afro-Arab space. Therefore, the creative team has collectively chosen not to be listed in print. Colette deeply appreciates them, their work, and dedication. Please keep in mind that work such as this is supported by significant amounts of invisible labour, both practical and emotional and that work does not end once the production is staged.


كوليت دلال تشنتشو

"حالمة" عرض أشبه بسيرة ذاتية يوثّق شهادة عاجلة حول ثلاث نساء سوداوات في المجتمع.

سلامة، وإيمان، وجولييت ثلاثة نساء تجسد كل واحدة منهن نموذجاً للاحتمالية يمثل الخيارات والتحديات التي تواجهها المرأة السوداء في العالم العربي، ويواجهن ثقل الإخفاء بينما يؤكدن وجودهن بالحب والتألم والتعافي.

ومن خلال حياتهن المترابطة، يكشف عرض "حالمة" الستار عما تبدو عليه العنصرية، وكراهية النساء، وكراهية الأجانب جنباً إلى جنب مع الثقافة، والإيمان، والفرح ويسبر أغوار السياسية الجنسانية والجنسية بالمنطقة، والاحتكاك بين الحداثة والتراث، وصراعات الأجيال التي تشكّل كيفية تواصل النساء السوداوات مع بعضهن وذواتهن.

يعبّر عرض "حالمة" عن تجارب المرأة السوداء المتنوعة والمُركّبة التي طالما تعرضت للإسكات والإخفاء.

المؤلفة والمؤدية الرئيسية: كوليت دلال شنشو

بدعم سخي من مجلس الفنون في إنكلترا


Fri 30 June – Sat 1 July 2023


90 minutes (no interval)
Suitable for 18 years+
BSL upon request

Content warning: nudity, flashing lights, sensitive content – rape scene.


Pay What You Can - £8 recommended amount.

Battersea Arts Centre

Lavender Hill
London SW11 5TN
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BSL interpretation provided on Sat, 1 July. This is a relaxed performance.