Fierce Voices features a phenomenal range of London-based Arab female DJs, spoken word poets, music and rap artists in an evening that firmly places women’s creativity centre stage.

The stellar line-up features Yomn Al-Kaisi, whose work explores grief, love and identity; Tasneim Zyada, a perfectly calm storm on the spoken word scene; Rayane Chami a poet championing community with a passion for heavy emotions; and Bint Mbareh, an experimental musician and performer who channels rituals from the past to summon new modes of resistance in the present. Bint7alal, is a rapper who specialises in smooth flows and energy-filled sounds and from the depths of the Arab underground DJ Nooriya’s set crosses borders with a mix of electro Arab, electronic Middle Eastern sounds, Dabkeh deep-bass and North African groove. Be there!

Now in its 7th year, AWAN is an initiative by Arts Canteen, bringing together an exciting and eclectic mix of collaborations and projects from inspiring Arab women artists.

تقدم فعالية "أصوات قويّة" مجموعة رائعة واستثنائية من منسقات الموسيقى (فنانات الدي جي) وشاعرات الكلمة المنطوقة وفنانات الراب والموسيقى العربيات المقيمات في لندن في أمسية تضع إبداع المرأة في الصدارة.

تضم المجموعة المميزة الفنانات يمن القيسي التي تستكشف أعمالها الحزن والحب والهوية، وتسنيم زيادة التي يشكل شعرها قوة ناعمة في مشهد شعر الكلمة المنطوقة، وريان شامي وهي شاعرة تناصر المجتمع ولديها شغف بالعواطف القوية، وبنت امبارح، وهي عازفة وموسيقية تجريبية تستحضر طقوس الماضي لتبتكر أنماطًا جديدة من المقاومة في الحاضر، وبنت حلال، وهي مغنية راب تتخصص في التدفقات السلسة والأصوات المليئة بالطاقة، ومن أعماق الموسيقى العربية المستقلة والبديلة (underground) تعبر الدي جي نوريّة الحدود بمزيج من الموسيقى الكهربائية العربية والموسيقى الإلكترونية الشرق أوسطية والدبكة العالية والقوية والموسيقى الإيقاعية الشمال أفريقية، فكن/كوني على الموعد!

يجمع مهرجان "أوان" في عامه السابع، وهو مبادرة أطلقها "آرتس كانتين"، بين مزيج مثير ومتنوع من التعاونات والمشروعات الفنية التي تضطلع بها فنانات عربيات مُلهِمات.

An Iraqi-Palestinian Londoner. She currently works as a researcher for an NGO focused on civilian rights in the Middle East and North Africa. In the past, she has performed poems exploring grief, love, and identity at various venues including Arab Women Artists Now, the Mela Festival and others. She has an MSc in Middle East Politics from SOAS, University of London.

An Arab rapper and producer who sonically specialises in smooth flows and energy-filled sounds. Rooted in her homeland's struggles, she tells her stories through lenses of decolonisation, intersectional feminism and revolutionary notions while maintaining her signature indignant and nonchalant attitude.

A London-based Lebanese who just finished her doctorate in Psychological Medicine. She writes poetry and works with a team of writers to organize a monthly poetry event called SPEAK=. Her poetry combines her passion for mental health research and writing, and aims to create a space for discussing heavy emotions. Her hope it to be able to highlight our common humanity and evoke a sense of community among diverse individuals. At Branches, Rayane will be installing her poetry in the form of art for the very first time.

Provide an example of this kind of theatrical experimentation. Bint-Mbareh is a musician and performer who is interested in exploring the past through traditions that create a sense of community. Through her artistic practice she experiments with these traditions and questions if they can inspire new modes of resistance. Based on extensive research of Palestinian Sufi rain summoning songs, Bint-Mbareh creates an engaging performance that does not seek to mimic the past, but rather addresses the complex question of how these ritual practices relate to the contemporary Palestinian context. Bint-Mbareh spent time among communities of Beit Rima, Beit Iba, Deir Ghassaneh, and the Dhisheh Palestinian refugee camp, as well as other refugee camps and villages in the Israeli Occupied West Bank, interviewing women who were among the last generation to have performed Sufi rain summoning rituals.

Nooriyah is a DJ and filmmaker based in London. As a DJ, she is known for playing upbeat popular records infused with Middle Eastern and North African sounds. She hosts two MENA specialist shows on Foundation FM and Plus 1 Radio and is now forging her way as an international DJ, having made her New York, Rotterdam and Dubai debuts.

A nationwide featured spoken word artist. Her performances have included the Lyric Hammersmith Evolution Festival (2020), Waltham Forest Mela (2019), the Migration and Diaspora Literature Festival (2019), the AWAN festival (2018) and the Poetry Cafe for Refugee Awareness week in London (2017). Her work discusses mental health, displacement, relationships, faith, identity and womanhood. Tasneim is a freelance creative, facilitating writing workshops and a mindfulness coach for ASRA run club. She has done voiceover work for the multi-award winning podcast: Have you Heard George’s Podcast? (2019) and has featured alongside ASRA run club in Nike's #UntilWeAllWin global campaign (2020).

Presented in partnership with Arts Canteen, AWAN and Rich Mix. Produced by Arts Canteen.


Sat 17 July 2021

7.30pm (show 8pm)

90 minutes.
Suitable for 16 years+

Rich Mix is a fully accessible venue.
BSL interpreted.


£12 adults, £8 concessions
Contact the venue for tickets and further information.
020 7613 7498

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