Umama Hamido, born in Lebanon currently based in London, is an artist and filmmaker. Her work addresses lived and shared experiences of immigration through intersecting psychological, socio-political and judicial perspectives. From positions of marginalisation and administrative limbo, she questions our relation to traumatic spaces, how the formation of the self is affected by separation from homeland and the exile’s gaze.

Shubbak and Artsadmin co-present an installation of Umama’s recent works including a new film made at the time of the October Revolution in Lebanon in 2019, reflecting on the feeling of being both here, and there, as well as writing developed over lockdown through her work with the Cotton Tree Trust charity.

أمامة حميدو، ولدت في لبنان ومقيمة حالياً في لندن، فنّانة وصانعة أفلام. تتناول أعمالها تجارب الهجرة المعاشة والمشتركة عبر تقاطع وجهات النظر النفسية، الاجتماعية ـــــــ السياسيّة، والقضائيّة. من مواقع التهميش وعالم النسيان الإداري تُسائل علاقتنا مع أماكن التراوما، وكيف يتأثر تركيب الذات بالانفصال عن الوطن ونظرة المنفى.

‘شباك‘ و‘أرتسدامين‘ يقدمان انستليشن لأعمال أمامة الجديدة ومن ضمنها فيلم جديد تمت صناعته في وقت ثورة تشرين الأول/أوكتوبر في لبنان عام 2019. يعكس الفيلم الإحساس بالوجود هنا وهناك في الوقت نفسه، وقد قامت بكتابة النص في فترة الإغلاق أثناء عملها مع Cotton Tree Trust charity

Umama Hamido has a BA in Theatre from the Lebanese University, and an MA in Performance from Goldsmiths University. Her work has been shown at various galleries across the UK, including Turner Contemporary, Modern Art Oxford, Toynbee Studios, Mosaic Rooms, New Art Exchange, Whitechapel Gallery and at festivals including Otherfield Documentary Festival, SPILL Festival, Dublin Live Art Festival, Rencontres à l'Échelle Festival, and Arab Women Artist Now Festival. She also performs in collaborative projects of others and teaches and translates Arabic.

Co-presented by Artsadmin and Shubbak Festival. Supported by Arts Council England.


Wed 14–Sat 17 July 2021

4pm–9.30pm (30 mins time slots)

The film is subtitled in English.
Artsadmin is a fully accessible venue.


Free, but online booking in advance is essential.


Toynbee Studios,
28 Commercial Street,
London E1 6AB
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