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Syrian artist Sulafa Hijazi: Animated Images

Animated Images

Festival 2017 ·Visual Arts · Tags: ,

Syrian artist Sulafa Hijazi’s Animated Images is a response to our changing relationship with new media. While trawling social media, Hijazi began to examine the effect of the great plethora of digital images that we are bombarded with, especially how it dehumanizes the people in the pictures and desensitizes us…
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Neshama at Rich Mix for Shubbak 2017


Festival 2017 ·Music · Tags:

Weaving recordings and live performances based on folk songs from Syria and the Arab world, Neshama includes four performers playing a mix of tabla, bouzouki and oud, mixed with live loops, grooves and electronic beats. Featuring: Wael Alkak (synths, keys, bouzouki and vocal), Yazan Alqaq (oud, percussion and vocal), and…
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Festival 2017 ·Music · Tags: ,

Immerse yourself in the finest electronic and underground sounds in Shubbak’s rousing music finale. Maurice Louca is one of the pioneering musicians in Cairo’s electronic music scene with influences from psychedelic to Egyptian shaabi. For this concert Maurice will be joined by a live trio. Skywalker, the Palestinian female DJ…
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