Young Shubbak is a collective of 18-26 years old artists, curators, producers and creatives who programme multi-art form events that are relevant to young people’s cultural experiences, and promote inclusivity in the arts.

The programme offers opportunities for young people to access the behind-the-scenes of a festival. As a means to discover the cultural landscape of London and forge their future careers, Young Shubbak receive free professional development and mentorship, access to workshops and exchanges, and tickets to arts and culture events. 

Young Shubbak’s past members were: Rema AlRebdi, Noor Daldoul, Sabrin Daoud, Sarah Hamed, Maya Hammoud, Reem Hammoud, Elise Hassan, Benin Khalil, Malak Khalil, Imane Lamime, Muna Less, Layla Madanat, Mana Merikhy, Laila Staubmann, Riwa Saab, and Reem Saleh. 

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Friday Hangout #8 with Layla Madanat, Reem Karssli and Doha Aboelezz

Friday Hangout with Young Shubbak
On the penultimate day of Young Shubbak’s Bayti Baytek Reem Karssli and Doha Aboelezz, the artists behind the final digital encounter, A Space in Time, were guests on the Arab British Centre‘s regular Friday Hangout. Layla Madanat, who was the producer of the piece, joined them to speak about Young Shubbak and how the artists began their digital encounters; as strangers separated by thousands of miles.

Podcast: Gallery Girl meets Young Shubbak

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