Shubbak Literature Festival


Elias Khoury

Elias Khoury

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To close the Shubbak Literature Festival, Elias Khoury, one of the leading lights of Arabic literature and author of a number of award-winning novels, including the critically acclaimed Gate of the Sun, discusses his writing and inspirations with award-winning author, academic and critic Marina Warner. The author will also read…  More →

Hoda Barakat

Reading by Hoda Barakat

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Highly acclaimed Lebanese novelist Hoda Barakat is a finalist for the 2015 Man Booker International Prize. She will read from some of her uniquely potent works such as The Stone of Laughter and The Tiller of Waters in the original Arabic and the English translation. A limited number of free…  More →

New Generation

The ‘New Generation’ of Writers

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Across the Arab world the act of writing is changing – new forms of language are emerging and subjects previously seen as taboo are being tackled with increasing vigour. Author, activist and cultural commentator Bidisha chairs a discussion with Syrian author Shahla Ujayli, who until recently taught Modern Arabic Literature…  More →


Arabic Europe

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Europe is home to several generations of Arab writers, many of whom write in the language of their European homes. How does the contemporary European political and cultural landscape intersect with the Arabic roots of these writers, and to what extent is a dual identity celebrated or even allowed in…  More →

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Drawing your attention

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Across the Arab world comics and graphic novels are fast becoming a key fixture in the literary landscape. Paul Gravett, co-curator of ‘Comics Unmasked’ at the British Library, chairs an illustrated discussion with pioneers of the form including Lena Merhej, co-founder of the Samandal collective in Lebanon, Anwar Mohamed, Egyptian…  More →


The Astonishing Form

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A celebration of the magic of poetry – referred to by Mourid Barghouti as the ‘astonishing form’ – with a variety of radical, powerful and perhaps unexpected voices. Featuring performances and readings in English and Arabic (with translation) by Mourid Barghouti, whose I Saw Ramallah won the Naguib Mahfouz Medal…  More →

Writing Change

Writing change

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What is the role of literature and poetry in times of massive upheaval? Award-winning poet Daljit Nagra chairs a discussion of this key question, featuring Mourid Barghouti, one of Palestine’s greatest living poets; Kurdish poet Choman Hardi, based in Iraqi Kurdistan, whose work has focused on the Anfal genocide and…  More →

Sophia Al Maria Between Distant Bodies, 2013 Video installation on 2 cuboglass TVs Still Courtesy of the Artist and The Third Line, Dubai

Science Fiction in the Arab World

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From utopian dreams to dystopian nightmares, could a new wave of Arabic science fiction spur us to reimagine alternative futures in the Middle East and beyond? Sindbad Sci-Fi’s producer Yasmin Khan joins forces with Shubbak to beam up a stellar panel of visionary writers, including Egyptian Ahmed Khaled Towfik, author…  More →

The Rise of Arabic Literature Panel

The Rise of Arabic literature in English?

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There has been a significant growth in the availability of works by Arab authors in the English language in recent years, as well as a rise in the number of Arab authors winning mainstream literary prizes. But what impact has this surge of interest in Arabic literature had on the…  More →

Rim Loves her Letters – Lena Merhej

Children’s Workshop

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Join Lebanese illustrator and animator Lena Merhej on a magical journey through the animal kingdom. After a short bilingual reading from the Lebanese children’s book Alef Ba: Rim Loves her Letters, children and adults will get the chance to get creative and write their initials in a completely new way….  More →