Top Goon Reloaded: Intimate Diaries of Evil

Masasit Mati

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Episode 1: 13 July
Episode 2: 16 July
Episode 3: 20 July
Episode 4: 23 July
Episode 5: 26 July


Masasit Mati are one of the most influential activist artists’ collectives from Syria.

In 2011, as the Syrian uprising began, they created the seminal Top Goon – an online series of sarcastic and irreverent puppet theatre films.

Top Goon reached more than 180,000 YouTube hits, becoming a defining internet sensation. Now dispersed across several countries, the creators are reunited for the first time to create Top Goon Reloaded: Intimate Diaries of Evil. The films include a new set of especially commissioned hand-made puppets.

Read an exclusive interview with Masasit Mati on the Shubbak blog here.

Top Goon Reloaded is co-commissioned by Shubbak and The Space.


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