Spotlit performer playing an oud
Adnan Joubran

Adnan Joubran is one of the most innovative musicians in the world. A renowned oud player and composer, his career has spanned the globe from Palestine to Paris and New York and back. 

He grew up in a family of oud players and, with his brothers, formed the award-winning trio Le Trio Joubran. But it was his 2014 debut album, Borders Behind, that launched his solo career. 

Adnan’s musical fingerprint features a complex yet inviting modern composition that ranges from dark and dramatic, to the cinematic.

Whilst paying homage to the heritage of the oud, his musical journey takes him beyond traditional music, incorporating Indian, flamenco, jazz and classical influences in his pulsing shows.

Borders Behind gives space to new classical composition and stunning improvisation. For this show, Adnan will be performing a re-working of his Borders Behind project in a new quartet format with Bernhard Schimpelsberger,  (Percussion), Jesse Bannister (Saxophone and flutes) and Danny Keane (Cello).

عدنان جبران هو أحد أكثر الموسيقيين ابتكاراً في العالم. عازف عود وملحن مشهور، امتدت مسيرته الفنيّة إلى جميع أنحاء العالم، من فلسطين إلى باريس ونيويورك عائداً إلى فلسطين.

نشأ في عائلة عازفي عود وأسّس مع إخويه فرقة الثلاثي جبران الحاصلة على جوائز عالمية. لكن إطلاق ألبومه الأول عام 2014 هو الذي كان وراء مسيرته الفنية كعازف منفرد.

تعبر لمسات أصابعه عن تركيبة عصرية معقدة تتراوح بين الظلام والدراما وصولاً إلى السينمائية.

مع تمسكه بتراث العود، تأخذه رحلته الموسيقية إلى ماوراء الموسيقى التقليديّة، فيدمج تأثيرات الموسيقى الهندية، الفلامنكو، الجاز والتأثيرات الكلاسيكة في عروضه النابضة.

يوفر مشروع "الحدود خلفنا" مساحة لتألفيات كلاسيكية جديدة وارتجالات مذهلة. في هذا العرض سيقدّم عدنان نسخة جديدة من مشروعه "الحدود خلفنا" في رباعي مع بيرنهارد شيمبيلسبيرجر (إيقاع)، جيس بانيستر (ساكسافون وفلوت) وداني كيان (تشيلو).

Renowned oud player and composer, Adnan Joubran was born in 1985 into a Nazarene family with a deep rooted passion for music and oud making. His father, Hatem Joubran, is a well-established luthier (oud maker) while his mother, Ibtisam, along with his sister Suha are both known as talented singers in their own respect. At the age of 18, Adnan joined his two older brothers Samir and Wissam, to form the world’s first oud trio, known today as the award-winning Le Trio Joubran. Their debut performance at the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris marked the beginning of Adnan’s dynamic career, both with his brothers and with his own show/project Borders Behind.

Adnan has travelled extensively since, from performing at the prestigious Carnegie Hall to mesmerising audiences at the Paris’ Olympia and the Théâtre de Champs Elysées. Releasing five albums with Le Trio Joubran since 2005, their mesmerising musical dynamic, has also seen the Trio compose music for multiple award-winning documentaries and films, most notably, the Oscar-nominated Five Broken Cameras. Topping the World Music charts in France with a Number 1 Album, they have also had the privilege to collaborate with artists such as the late Mahmoud Darwish, Chkrr and Dhafer Youssef. 

In 2004, after a decade of working in the Trio Joubran, Adnan launched the start of his solo project with the release of his debut album Borders Behind, incorporating Indian, flamenco, jazz and classical influences in his signature sound. Adnan has also featured as a guest for Ibrahim Maalouf and Rodrigo & Gabriela and created the show Eko Du Oud with the French juggler Vincent Berhaut.

Schimpelsberger is a genre-defying music composer that features a unique palette of percussion instruments from all around the world. Inspired by his countless travels, he combines sounds from Europe, Cuba, Africa and India, previously collaborating with artists such as Anoushka Shankar.

Widely considered as the leading Indian saxophonist in Europe, Bannister is a truly global artist with a penchant for original compositions and dynamic performances. As well as composing music for the Halle Orchestra, film, TV, theatre and dance productions he toured together with the Indian Classical Trio Trilogy.

Born into a music family, Keane’s varied background and heritage spans from Ballet to Irish folk. Spending many years as a classical soloist and chamber musician, he also works as a string arranger and orchestrator working with the likes of Mulatu Astatke, Damon Albarn and Charlie Winston.

Presented by MARSM and Shubbak Festival. Produced and programmed by MARSM.


Wed 30 June & Thur 1 July 2021




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