(Left to right) Lama Amine, Nicole J Georges, Layla K. Feghali

أقام مشروع "دردشي" شراكة مع مهرجان شُبّاك لتقديم سلسلة من ورش العمل الفريدة في المهرجان تستكشف اللغة والحركة والعناية بالذات من خلال الإبداع، كما أُنتِجَ بودكاست جذاب يستكشف عوالم أسلاف النباتات التي تحيط بنا وتغذينا.

Dardishi has partnered with Shubbak to present a series of unique festival workshops exploring language, movement, and self-care through creativity. In addition, an immersive podcast has been produced exploring the plantcestral worlds that surround and nourish us.

Walking Softly Podcast

Layla K. Feghali

Walking Softly is a podcast designed to be listened to while on a walk outside. Join Layla K. Feghali on a guided walk through the plantcestral worlds that surround and fill us. This gentle stroll is an invitation into the soft and sensory realms of plants and the elements of your own neighbourhood, which may be real, imagined or remembered.  Re-discover familiar spaces through a poetic mapping with your  inward compass. A sensual re-visioning of everyday worlds. An experiential re-membrance of bodily being on and with earth. Walking Softly reveals an entry into the intimacy and connectivity of our mundane worlds. It connects your body and senses with plants, weaving them together as creative companions.

بودكاست "السير برفق" هو بودكاست مصمم لتستمع/ي إليه أثناء التنزه. انضم/ي إلى ليلى فغالي في جولة موجّهة في عوالم أسلاف النباتات التي تحيط بنا وتملأنا، وهذه النزهة اللطيفة دعوة إلى عوالم النباتات الناعمة والحسية والعناصر الموجودة حولك في منطقتك والتي قد تكون حقيقية أو متخيلة أو متذكّرة، فأعد/أعيدي اكتشاف المساحات المألوفة من خلال رسم خريطة شعرية باستخدام بوصلتك الداخلية وأعد/أعيدي تصور العوالم اليومية حسيًّا، وأعد/أعيدي تذكر الكينونة الجسدية على الأرض ومعها تجريبيًا، ويكشف بودكاست "السير برفق" عن مدخل إلى حميمية عوالمنا الدنيوية والترابط الموجودة بينها، ويربط هذا البودكاست جسدك وحواسك بالنباتات وينسجهما معًا كرفقاء مبدعين.

Layla K. Feghali is an ancestral re-membrance tender, archivist and storyteller, and plantcestral medicine practitioner. Her work is dedicated to reviving original ancestral knowledge, with a special emphasis on the re-membrance and restoration of sacred, ancestral, and baladi (land-based/local/indigenous) wisdoms from the SWANA region. Her approach is rooted in healing relationships, unveiling stories, and awakening embodied memory/resilience/knowledge deep inside our bones and the body of the earth. She cultivates this work as a response and remedy to the "culture of severance" that characterises our colonial realities - a transformation of personal, ancestral, communal, and ecological traumas and violations that disconnect us from life's inherent wisdom, sacredness, and laws. She is currently based between her ancestral village in Lebanon, and her diasporic home in Tongva territories (Los Angeles, California) where she was born and raised.



20 June–17 July 2021

With Layla K. Feghali

Download the Walking Softly transcript here.

Self-care Illustration Workshop

Colourful illustration - Calling Dr Laura - A graphic practice
Illustration by Nicole J. Georges

For years, graphic novelist Nicole J. Georges has been releasing daily comics dotted with grounding perspective to get us through the day. Join this open workshop to learn how to create your own self care practice through the medium of illustration. The artist guides you through a step-by-step process and framework for how to embrace this nurturing practice into your everyday life.

No drawing experience required. A workshop to be enjoyed alone or accompanied. Materials needed: two pieces of paper and your favourite drawing tools.

تصدر كاتبة الروايات المصورة نيكول جيه. جورج، منذ سنوات، رسومًا هزلية يومية يتخللها منظور تأريضي لمساعدتنا على اجتياز اليوم، فانضم/ي إلى ورشة العمل المفتوحة هذه لتتعلم كيف تنشئ ممارستك الخاصة للعناية بالذات باستخدام فن الرسم التوضيحي، وترشدك الفنانة من خلال عملية وإطار تدريجيين إلى كيفية معانقة هذه الممارسة المُثرية في حياتك اليومية.

لا يُشترط وجود خبرة في الرسم، ويمكنك حضور هذه الورشة والاستمتاع بها بمفردك أو برفقة أحدهم. المواد المطلوبة: قطعتان من الورق وأدوات الرسم المفضلة لديك.

Nicole J. Georges is a queer, Syrian-American writer, illustrator, podcaster & professor from Portland, OR. Georges has been publishing autobiographical comics about her queer vegan life for the past 25 years, evolving from punk zinester to (still punk) graphic novelist. She is the author of the award-winning graphic memoirs Calling Dr. Laura, and Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me home. Her work explores themes including identity, family secrets, queer community, animals, self-help, and the inner workings of a queer, punk feminist from a Syrian-American home. Georges teaches at California College for the Arts MFA in Comics Program. She is the host of the queer art, advice & vegan food podcast, Sagittarian Matters, and has adapted Calling Dr. Laura as a 6-part podcast with Oregon Public Broadcasting.


On demand

Sun 27–Sat 17 July 2021

Any time

Tickets: £0, £3, £6

Live Workshop

Sat 26 June 2021

4pm BST

With Nicole J. Georges
120 minutes.
Suitable for 8 years+
BSL interpreted.

The Fear of Not Making Sense: A Movement Workshop

Black and white portrait
Lama Amine

An online movement space for Black, indigenous and other people of colour. When words are no longer sufficient to manifest the impact of the last year, Lama Amine guides a somatic release session focusing on visualisation exercises to harness rootedness in the present. Re-imagine the restrictions of linguistic expression and tackle patterns of fear and trauma through improvisation in a safe space. A moment to tune into noticing, listening and responding to the body’s ability to produce its own sequences of rhythm, tempo and textures. 

No previous experience is necessary, all movement ranges, abilities and bodies are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing and have a quiet space to move around in.

هذه الورشة مساحة لحركة على الإنترنت لأصحاب البشرة السمراء والسكان الأصليين وغيرهم من أصحاب البشرة الملونة، وعندما تصبح الكلمات غير كافية لتوضيح تأثير العام الماضي، تدير لمى أمين جلسة بَوح جسدي تركز على تمارين التصور لتسخير التجذر في الحاضر، وإعادة تخيّل قيود التعبير اللغوي ومعالجة أنماط الخوف والصدمة من خلال الارتجال في مساحة آمنة، واغتنام لحظة للتركيز على ملاحظة قدرة الجسد على إنتاج تسلسلاته الخاصة من التناغم والإيقاع والقوام والاستماع والاستجابة لها.

لا يُشترَط وجود خبرة سابقة، ونرحب بجميع نطاقات الحركة والقدرات والأجساد. ارتدِ/ي ملابس مريحة واحصل/ي على مساحة هادئة للتحرك.

Lama Amine is a performer, choreographer, movement director, teacher and activist based in Lebanon. She holds a Master of Fine Art (MFA) in Movement: Directing and Teaching, from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (CSSD), London. Lama is Senior Arts Manager at Seenaryo, an organisation specialised in theatre and play-based learning in Lebanon and Jordan. She is also part of TNT Theatre, performing in the world premiere of My Sister Syria. She worked as a movement director, and a physical theatre tutor with first- and second-year BA students at CSSD and Saint Mary’s University. In 2016 she worked on RISE production with The Old Vic New Voices as an assistant movement director. In 2015 she was selected to participate in Home Grown Theatre Project, a collaboration with the Kevin Spacey Foundation in Sharjah, UAE. Lama has worked on two operas with Robert Wilson in New York. She has also been a dancer with Sima Dance company in Dubai.



Sun 27 June 2021

3pm BST

Workshop with Lama Amine
120 minutes.
Suitable for 18 years+
BSL available upon request.
Limited capacity.

Tickets: £0, £3, £6

"دردشي"مشروع فني مجتمعي طموح يعرض الإنتاج الثقافي للنساء والأقليات الجندرية من المنطقة العربية وشمال أفريقيا في غلاسكو، وكل عام يقيم القائمون على المشروع مهرجانًا يمتد لثلاثة أيام في مركز الفنون المعاصرة في غلاسكو Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow وينشرون العدد الأخير من المجلة الإلكترونية التي يصدرونها ويستضيفون فعالية "مصمم مقيم"، وهم يستهدفون بعملهم تعزيز التعاون الخلاّق بين النساء والأقليات الجندرية من المنطقة العربية وشمال أفريقيا وتوفير تمثيل مجتمعي إيجابي ومتنوع في الفنون وخلق الفرص التي تدعم الممارسات الإبداعية وتطورها.

Dardishi is an ambitious community arts project that showcases the cultural production of Arab and North African women and gender minorities in Glasgow. Every year they deliver a 3-day Festival at the Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow, publish the latest issue of a zine, run year-round events, and host a Designer in Residence. Through their work, they aim to strengthen creative collaboration between Arab and North African women and gender minorities, provide positive and diverse community representation in the arts, and create opportunities that support and develop creative practices.

Presented in partnership with Dardishi, supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.