Connections is a new digital dance project for young people aged between 16–25 years led by choreographer Ben Fury. Through the movement language of contemporary and breakdance, it will explore home, culture, space and gentrification.

The first in a series of workshops delivered in partnership with Grand Junction takes place 27th–31st July and 3rd–7th August on Zoom (free to download) between 11am and 12noon, and is open to anyone aged between 16–25 years who has some experience of dance and/or sport.

Booking is essential because there are a limited number of places available. You need to sign up by 24th July and all places are free. Download the application form here. Once it’s completed please email it to

Ben Fury

The workshops will be led by Ben Fury who established himself as a breakdancer in the underground scene in Brussels in the 1990s. Ten years later he developed an interest in contemporary dance and began to fuse the two dance forms to create a unique movement language. Throughout this journey, music has underpinned his work and exerts a strong influence on his style.

Shubbak regularly engages with young people from migrant backgrounds living in London. Following several expressions of interest in dance, Ben was invited by Shubbak to lead workshops with young, emerging dancers and community groups . He has been commissioned to undertake a number of residencies throughout 2020 and 2021, the first of which took place in various London locations in early March.

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