Eating the Copper Apple is a soul-searching tale of identity by the prize-winning queer poet and writer lisa luxx. Shaped by her life, it weaves together politics and dreams, loss and fulfilment into a one-woman verse play that explores adoption and mixed-heritage.

Taking audiences on a voyage from West Yorkshire to the borders of Syria through family, romance and culture, it asks a big question: how do we become who we are? 

Both funny and philosophical, this profound piece of theatre examines the immense impact of displacement on our sense of self.

lisa luxx is a queer writer, performer, essayist and activist of British Syrian heritage. She writes for freedoms, for healing, to mobilise and to inquire. 

This collaborative project spearheaded by luxx (writer, director, performer) brings together a team of Arab women artists: Tamara Al-Mashouk (visual designer), Nour Sokhon (composer), Diyan Zora (dramaturg), Scarlett Saad (sound engineer), and Alia Alzougbi (producer), plus support from Anya Urban (sound technician).

A digital version of Eating the Copper Apple has been produced for audiences who prefer to enjoy the show from their homes. While this is not a recording of the show itself, the online version features all the show’s effects, including the visual and soundscapes that accompany it. It is best enjoyed using headphones.

‘أكل التفاحة النحاسية‘ هو حكاية بحث عن الذات والهوية لشاعرة الكوير والكاتبة ليسا لوكس.

متأثرة بحياتها الخاصة تنسج الشاعرة السياسة والأحلام، الخسارة والإنجاز في قطعة شعر مسرحي لامرأة واحدة تستكشف فيها التبني والإرث المختلط.

تأخذ الجمهور في رحلة من يوركشير Yorkshire إلى حدود سوريا عبر العائلة والرومانسية والثقافة، تثير أسئلة كبيرة: كيف نصبح ما نحن عليه؟ بشكل مُضحك وفلسفي بنفس الوقت. هذه القطعة المسرحية العميقة تختبر التأثير القوي للنزوح على معنى الحياة بالنسبة لنا.

ليسا لوكس كاتبة كوير، فنانة أدائية، كاتبة مقالات وناشطة بإرث بريطاني سوري. تكتب من أجل الحرية والشفاء، إحداث الحركة وطرح التساؤلات.

يضم هذا العمل المشترك، بإشراف ليسا لوكس (كتابة وإدارة وتمثيل)، مجموعة فنانات عربيات: تمارا المعشوق (تصميم الصورة)، نور السخن (تصميم و إنتاج الصوت)، ديان زورا (دراما)، سكارلت سعد (هندسة الصوت)، عليا الزعبي (انتاج)، مع انيا اربن (تقنية الصوت).

تم إنتاج نسخة رقمية من  ‘أكل التفاحة النحاسية‘  للجمهور الذي يفضل مشاهدة العرض من المنزل. النسخة الرقمية تظهر كافة مؤثرات العرض بما فيها المؤثرات البصرية والمشاهد الصوتية التي ترافق العرض الحي.

استمتعوا بهذا العرض باستعمال سماعات الرأس.

lisa luxx is a queer writer, performer, essayist and activist of British Syrian heritage. She writes for freedoms, for healing, to mobilise and to inquire. 

luxx is winner of the Out-Spoken Prize of Performance Poetry 2018. She was also nominated for the Arts Foundation Fellowship in Poetry. She regularly headlines literary events internationally. Her poetry has been broadcast across channels including Channel 4, BBC Radio 4, VICE TV and ITV. She was named one of the top 4 queer poets by Diva magazine.

luxx's poetry, essays and opinions are published internationally in newspapers, magazines and anthologies. She has lectured on the philosophy of language in mental health for TEDx.

Eating The Copper Apple was originally commissioned for the 2020 Liverpool Arab Arts Festival 2020 and funded through the Al-Omar Family. The work has been supported by LAAF since its inception and will receive its premiere at LAAF 2021.


Live at Rich Mix

Fri 9 & Sat 10 July 2021

7.30pm (Fri, Sat), 2pm (Sat)

50 minutes.

Suitable for 12 years+
Rich Mix is a fully accessible venue.
BSL interpreted performance 10 July, 2pm.

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Post show artist talk

Fri 9 July 2021


£12 adults, £8 concessions
Contact the venue for tickets and further information
020 7613 7498

Rich Mix

35-47 Bethnal Green Road
London, E1 6LA
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On Demand

Sun 11– Wed 14 July 2021

Please note this is not a recording of the live show. It is a specially created digital version of the piece.

Pricing: £0, £3, £6