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LONDON PREMIERE | Lebanon, 2018 (76 Mins)

An image caught Ghassan Halwani’s eye as he walked down the street – that of a man, staring out at him from the city walls. He had seen this face before – twenty-five years earlier, he had witnessed that man’s kidnapping. Parts of his face are torn but his features appear unchanged. So begins a quest, as is documented in Halwani’s powerful investigation, to make visible those who are absent – and yet undeniably present. As the director literally scrapes away at the walls of Beirut’s gentrified neighbourhoods, he underlines the omnipresence of those disappeared – hidden in the layers of the city, if only you look closely enough. Erased, Ascent of the Invisible is his first feature documentary, which debuted at Locarno followed by the Toronto Film Festival.


Sun 7 July 2019


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£10.50, £9.50 concessions
10% off for two or more screenings
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Cinema 2 & 3 Barbican

Beech Street
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