Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (RCDF) has been at the forefront of the development of contemporary dance in Palestine for fifteen years. In this year’s festival in June, it presented a selection of five dance shorts from Palestinian choreographers to their local audiences. In partnerships with RCDF these are now available online for everyone during Shubbak Festival.

Ranging in style from hip hop to ballet and shot on location in Palestine, Germany, Belgium and Ireland, these films demonstrate the strength of talent emerging out of Palestine and its diaspora.


Choreographer: Natalie Salsa

Traces reflects on the impact on our minds and bodies of current world trauma and the consequences for human connection, gestures and breath. Natalie Salsa is based in Belgium.

This Place

Shaden Dance Company
Choreographer: Shaden Abu Elasal

This Place captures a space that holds life, memories, hopes, disappointments, moments of anguish and joy.  Shot outdoors, in conjures up a place full of colours, tastes, and smells. Shaden Dance Company was established in Nazareth by choreographer Shaden Abu Elasal.

False Awakening

Choreography: Stereo48 Dance Company

False Awakening (Episode 2) is based on a musical piece by the Palestinian producer Boycott. The film follows a woman trapped in recurring moments of dreaming and awakenings. Stereo48 was founded in Nablus in 2014 by a group of breakdancers. 

My Noise in Here

Choreographer: Salma Ataya

My Noise in Here is an experiment in movement and environment, shifting its focus from rehearsal studio to a public street. Salma Ataya originally trained in traditional dance dabkeh before studying contemporary dance. She now lives in Limerick, Ireland.

In The End

DeebDance Company
Choreographer: Mohammad Ali Deeb

This is a story of departure and arrival, of death in the past and birth in the future. It is a story of crossing borders - geographical, social, religious and psychological. Mohammad Ali Deeb was born in Syria and grew up in a camp for Palestinian refugees in Damascus. He now lives in Germany.

مهرجان رام الله للرقص المعاصر يقف في طليعة العمل في تطوير الرقص المعاصر في فلسطين منذ خمسة عشر عاماً. في مهرجان هذا العام في شهر حزيران/يونيو توجد مجموعة مختارة من خمسة شورتات رقص من مصممي رقص من فلسطين إلى جمهورهم بالشراكة مع مهرجان رام الله للرقص المعاصر وهي متوفّرة الآن أونلاين للجميع خلال مهرجان شباك.

عبر التنقل بين أنماط رقص مختلفة من الهيب هوب إلى البالية، والتصوير في المواقع الحية في فلسطين وألمانيا وبلجيكا وإيرلندا، تظهر هذه الأفلام قوة المواهب الفلسطينيّة الناشئة في فلسطين وفي الشتات.


ناتاليا سالسا

عمل ‘آثار‘ يفكر بتأثير التراوما العالمية الحالية على عقولنا وأجسادنا ونتائجها على التواصل والحركة والتنفس. تقيم ناتاليا سالسا في بلجيكا.

هذا المكان

فرقة شادن للرقص
مصممة الرقصات: شادن أبو العسل

‘هذا المكان‘ يعبر عن مساحة تحمل الحياة، الذكريات، الآمال، الخيبات، ولحظات الكرب والفرح. ضمن مشاهد مصورة في الخارج تستحضر مكاناً مليئاً بالألوان، الأذواق، والرائحة.

فرقة شادن للرقص أسستها شادن أبو العسل في الناصرة.

حلم الصحوة الكاذبة

فرقة ستيريو48 للرقص

حلم الصحوة الكاذبة (الحلقة الثانية) يقوم على قطعة موسيقية للمنتج الفلسطيني ‘عصيان تقني‘. يتتبع الفيلم امرأة تحاصرها لحظات متداخلة بين الحلم واليقظة

ستيريو48 أسّسته مجموعة من راقصي البريك دانس في نابلس عام 2014.

ضوضائي هنا

مصمّمة الرقصات: سلمى عطايا

‘ضوضائي هنا‘ عمل تجريبي في الحركة والبيئة المحيطة، ينقل نقطة تركيزه من قاعة التدريب إلى الشارع العام.

سلمى عطايا بدأت أوّلاً مع الدبكة (الرقص التقليدي الفلسطيني) قبل دراستها للرقص المعاصر. تعيش في ليميريك، ايرلاندا.

في النهاية

فرقة ديب دانس
مصمّم الرقصات: محمد علي ديب

هي قصة رحيل ووصول، قصة موت في الماضي وولادة في المستقل. وقصة عبور الحدود جغرافياً واجتماعياً ودينيّاً ونفسيّاً.

محمد علي ديب ولد في سوريا ونشأ في مخيّم للاجئين الفلسطينيّين في دمشق. يعيش حالياً في ألمانيا.

Shaden’s Dance Company for contemporary dance was established in Nazareth in 2019 by the choreographer Shaden Abu Elasal to be a home for Palestinian dancers who decided to become professional dancers (and today, it is an open space for all dancers from the region and abroad). Shaden Dance Company seeks to be an important base in the development of contemporary art and dance, in our society in particular and in the world in general. It relies in its communication with people on a permanent presence in the public space. An important part of its creations is researched and presented in open places, in which it simulates the history of the place, its multiple layers, and its intertwining with the present. A part of it takes place with the participation of the residents of the place and their personal stories, those present or absent.

Natalie is a Palestinian dance artist, based in Brussels- Belgium, raised and moved between Amman and Bethlehem along the years. She has a bachelor degree in Theater Arts majoring in Acting/Directing, obtained in 2014. With her dance training in both the classical and the contemporary form, Natalie has chosen the field of contemporary dance to continue with her artistic journey.

Along the years, Natalie has participated in many dance festivals in the Middle East, such as the Beirut international platform of dance (BIPOD), the Amman contemporary dance festival (ACDF), and the Ramallah contemporary dance festival (RCDF).  Working along renowned choreographers and companies such as Guilhermo bortelho CIE AlIAS, Switzerland; Athanasia Kanellopoulo, Greece; Ex Nihilo, France and Koffi koko, Benin, where she performed at the MAXXI museum for contemporary arts in Rome.

Natalie Has been a grantee of multiple residencies over the years, like Beirut- Maqamat Dance Theater, Ramallah- Sareyyet Ramalla, and Rome-The National.

Stereo48 is a Palestinian young organisation working in the field of performing art and particularly contemporary and theater dance. It was founded in 2014 by a group of break-dancers from the city of Nablus. Our mission is to enhance the performing arts scene in Palestine. We aspire to achieve our mission by producing theatre and dance performances, giving hip-hop workshops and classes in the refugee camps, and believing in the positive impact of this culture in people living in marginalized areas. We also run the Dance Competitions Program which focuses on expanding and spreading the culture of dance and hip-hop and organizes dance competitions for professionals to engage in non-competitive contests.

Salma Ataya is a dancer and choreographer, who was first introduced to Dabkeh (Palestinian traditional dance) then to contemporary dance at Sareyyet Ramallah Dance Company. Salma took part in local and international performances. She has also been teaching dance since 2010 and has a Masters in Contemporary Dance in 2017 from the University of Limerick in Ireland, where she is now based.

Mohammad Ali Deeb was born in Syria in 1984 and grew up in a camp for Palestinian refugees in Damascus. He started studying dance in 2004 at the renowned Enana Dance Academy in Damascus, After his studies he worked as a member of the academy on behalf of the UNHCR with refugee children as a choreographer and dance teacher between 2004/2013. In 2014 he danced as a solo with the Algerien national ballet. Since 2015 he has lived in Germany working as a dancer and choreographer and dance teacher.

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