A theatrical work for one lonely actor. The story of a body getting larger in a tiny room.  

Have you ever wondered what might happen if a person stopped doing anything? If he  simply stayed where he was? Would he keep growing? Or become rooted to the spot?  What would happen to his memories? His future? And his present?  

HASH attempts to answer these questions by observing a person so immobilized by fear that venturing outside has become impossible.  

HASH watches as his body grows and he searches for his life story within the confines of a tiny room.

Khashabi Theatre is an independent cultural organization founded in Haifa in 2015 by  Khashabi Ensemble, a collective of Palestinian theatre-makers. Khashabi aims to  provide a space for artists to freely experiment, create, research and perform alternative  forms of theatre and art, and space where societal, political and artistic taboos can be  challenged, creating an invigorated creative environment based

عمل مسرحي لممثل واحد. قصة جسد يكبر في غرفة صغيرة.

هل فكّرت يوماً بما قد يحصل إن توقف شخص عن فعل أي شي؟ إن بقي ببساطة في مكانه؟ هل سيستمر بالنمو؟ أو سيتجذر في موضعه؟ ما الذي سيحصل لذكرياته؟ مستقبله؟ وحاضره؟

‘هَشّ‘ يحاول أن يجيب على هذه الأسئلة عبر مراقبة شخص تسمّر في مكانه بسبب الخوف بحيث أصبحت مغامرة الخروج مستحيلة.

هَشّ يراقب جسده ينمو ويبحث عن قصة حياته داخل غرفة ضيّقة.

مسرح خشبة منظّمة ثقافية مستقلّة تأسّست في حيفا عام 2015 من قبل فرقة خشبة، وهي تجمع لصُنّاع مسرح فلسطينيين. يسعى خشبة إلى توفير مساحة للفنانين ليجربوا، يبدعوا، يبحثوا ويؤدّوا أشكال بديلة من المسرح والفنون. وإيجاد مكان لتحدي التابوهات الاجتماعيّة، السياسيّة والفنيّة، وخلق بيئة إبداعية نشطة تقوم على التعاون والدعم المتبادل.

Born 1992 in Kufer Yasif in the north of occupied Palestine, Murkus is a Palestinian theatre  director and writer based in Haifa. He began his theatrical career after receiving a BA from the University of Haifa Theatre department in 2011. Murkus is a founding member  of Khashabi Ensemble and, since 2015, he is the artistic director of the Khashabi  Theatre, an Independent Palestinian theatre based in Haifa. His works have been  staged in theatres in Brussels, Genk, Gent, Antwerp, Bern, Dublin, Marseilles, Paris,  Tunis, Berlin, Hanover and New York. He also teaches acting and directing at various  academic and arts institutions in Haifa and Europe.  

Since 2011, Murkus has directed nearly 20 theatre productions, expressing his deep artistic, political, social and humanistic visions and providing an intense theatrical  glimpse into contemporary Palestinian culture. These productions are an outcome of  profound and extensive collaborative research projects, engaging actors, scholars,  designers and musicians who explore complex social, political and philosophical  themes. Murkus’ performative language is highly sensual, based not only on written  drama, but on sound, staggering visual images, provocative intertextual allusions to  canonical drama and corporal gestures and movements. This is post-dramatic theatre at  its best. Murkus creates immersive, empathic fictional worlds, built and broken into  fragments, by engaging the viewers' universal human vulnerability.  

In 2014, Murkus staged The Parallel Time at Al-Midan Theatre in Haifa, dramatizing  the highly controversial issue of Palestinian political prisoners imprisoned in Israeli jails.  This production caused a turmoil amongst the Israeli right wing, culminating in a  dramatic budget cut-down of Al-Midan Theatre. This signifies a pivotal point in the  history of contemporary Palestinian theater and its impact on current cultural politics.  The Haifa Municipality joined the decision of the Ministry of Culture and cut off funding  to the theatre entirely, resulting in the theater’s complete paralysis. The Parallel Time has encouraged Palestinian artists to cultural independence, taking responsibility for  their production to ensure their cultures’ freedom and independence, overcoming  censorship and suppression by Israeli policies that attempt to influence or prevent their  work from being staged. Murkus and Khashabi theatre are unblemished representatives  of independent Palestinian theatre. 

Presented in partnership with Rich Mix.


Mon 5 & Tue 6 July 2021

7.30pm (Mon), 6pm & 9pm (Tue)

Duration 60 minutes.
Suitable for 12 years+
In Arabic with English surtitles.
Rich Mix is a fully accessible venue.


£15 adults, £10 concessions
Contact the venue for tickets and further information.
020 7613 7498

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