New artists surgeries at Shubbak

Greetings friends,

Spring is here and, at Shubbak, we’re opening our window. If you’re an Arab/SWANA artist or creative working in the UK, the Arab region or internationally, we’d love to hear from you. So we’re setting up 30 minute windows to meet, advise, get-to-know and simply say hello. 

We’re all too aware that there are artists and creatives out there who are starting on their journey into the arts, whose work may have not previously come to our attention, or who may be making new work they’d like to talk through. Wherever you might be on your journey, you can use this time to seek advice, tell us about your aspirations, or simply have a virtual cup of tea and a natter.

Although we’re a small and busy team, we are committed to widening our network, so we want to hear from all you creatives and artists who think Shubbak should know about you. Please note that our size and capacity may mean that slots will be snapped up quickly, so get in there fast if you want to talk about something coming up soon. 

We’re looking forward to having your light shine through our window.

Alia Alzougbi

Joint CEO

Book your slot through the link here.