Debuting a mesmerising new project, internationally renowned Palestinian composer and oud player Saied Silbak presents a two-part concert featuring his solo compositions and his quintet ensemble with Palestinian singer Nour Darwish.

In this beautiful and diverse programme Silbak pays homage to the Palestinian landscape and the country's rich music history by journeying through the region's folklore classics and the soundtracks of the 80s and 90s, as well as showcasing contemporary pieces and sounds.

Spotlighting some of the most distinct regional artists such as Sabreen, Kamilya Jubran and Rim Banna, Silbak also presents his own unique, stellar compositions. A celebration of Palestinian folklore from past to present, Songs from Palestine promises to be unmissable.

.يقدم الملحن وعازف العود الفلسطيني الشهير عالميًا "سعيد سلباق" في مشروع جديد وساحر يدشنه لأول مرة حفلًا موسيقيًا من جزأين يضم مقطوعاته المنفردة وفرقته الخماسية مع المغنية الفلسطينية "نور درويش".

يحتفي سلباق في هذا البرنامج الجميل والمتنوع بالمشهد الفلسطيني وتاريخ الموسيقى الغني للبلاد بالانطلاق في رحلة عبر كلاسيكيات الفلكلور في المنطقة وموسيقاها التصويرية لفترتي الثمانينيات والتسعينيات، فضلًا عن عرض مقطوعات وأصوات معاصرة.

ويقدم سلباق أيضًا معزوفاته الفريدة والرائعة مسلّطًا الضوء على بعض أكثر فنانات المنطقة تميزًا، مثل صابرين وكاميليا جبران وريم بنا، فلا يمكنك تفويت مشروعه "أغاني من فلسطين" الذي يحتفي بالفولكلور الفلسطيني من الماضي إلى الحاضر!

Saied Silbak is a Palestinian composer and oud player born in Shafaa`mr, a city located in the lower Galilee of occupied Palestine. He began training in classical piano at the age of four, before moving onto the oud in his early teens in order to delve deep into the nuances at the base of Arabic music. Silbak went on to train at the Beit Almusica Conservatoire where he later taught, before studying Music and Psychology in Haifa and then completing his Masters at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. He has a unique understanding of different types of music, from Arabic, Turkish and Indian to classical western styles. Silbak’s signature sound, created through his artful ability to fuse these styles together, has seen him perform around the world at festivals and concert series in the UK, Belgium, France, Palestine, Morocco, Argentina and beyond.

Nour Dawrish is a renowned Palestinian soprano who primarily focuses on contemporary Palestinian art songs that combine Arabic poems and classical western music by Palestinian composers. She has taken part in interdisciplinary performances around the world, performing operatic repertoire as well as Arabic music.

New collaboration commissioned by Shubbak Festival, presented in partnership with MARSM.


Sat 3 July 2021

6pm (BST)

9pm (BST)


From £16.50 + booking fees

Suitable for 18 years

Jazz Cafe

5, Parkway,
London NW1 7PG
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