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London Syrian Ensemble

The London Syrian Ensemble, led by composer and ney soloist Louai Alhenawi, is a unique collective of musicians trained at the eminent Damascus Conservatoire. Working in the Arabic modes known as maqam, the group performs on a range of  instruments, including the ney (flute), kanun (zither), daf, riqq and darbuka (percussion), violin, viola and double bass.

The Sounds of Syria brings to the stage, for the first time, new instrumental arrangements by composers from Syria and its diaspora, commissioned especially for this performance including Fajr by Mohammad Othman and Nadam by Elias Bachoura. Featured guest vocalists will perform songs from the Arabic folk and classical repertoire. 

This evening of new work has been created in direct response to  the past ten years of war and its profound impact on the work of Syrian composers at home and in exile.

الفرقة السورية اللندنية بقيادة المؤلّف الموسيقي وعازف الناي لؤي الحناوي، تجمع فريد من نوعه من الموسيقيين الذين درسوا في المعهد العالي للموسيقى في دمشق. من خلال العمل بالاعتماد على المقام العربي تقوم الفرقة بالعزف على آلات مختلفة، منها الناي، القانون، الدف، الرق والطَبلة، الكمان الفيولا والدوبل باص.

أصوات من سوريا يقدم على المسرح لأول مرة، ترتيبات آلية جديدة لمؤلفين من سوريا و سوريين في المهجر، كُلفت الفرقة بها خصوصاً لهذا العرض من بينها ‘فجر‘ لمحمد عثمان و‘ندم‘ لإلياس باشورة، وسيقوم المطربون الضيوف بأداء أغانٍ من الموسيقى الشعبية العربية والكلاسيكية.

يعتبر مساء العمل الجديد هذا استجابة مباشرة على السنوات العشر الماضية من الحرب في سورية وأثرها الكبير على عمل المؤلّفين السوريين في الوطن والمهجر.

The London Syrian Ensemble is led by Louai Alhenawi, a composer and ney soloist who studied and taught at the eminent Damascus Conservatoire. He recently held the position of the Musical Director for the first Arabic Musical Um Kulthum which made its worldwide premiere at the London Palladium. In 2019 he directed The Mediterranean Dimension Ensemble in Malta. He is also Co-Musical Director for Tafahum orchestra , the London Syrian Ensemble and the SOAS Middle Eastern Ensemble. Louai has recorded and toured world-wide with many artists including Fairouz, Shakira, Brian Eno, Damon Albarn, Terry Hall, Gabriel Yared, Natacha Atlas and many others.

Commissioned by Shubbak Festival in partnership with MARSM and supported by funds from Arts Council England. Produced and programmed by MARSM.


Wed 7 July 2021


75 minutes.
Suitable for all ages.


£20 (plus booking fee)
Contact the venue for tickets and further information.
020 7520 1490

King's Place

90, York Way,
London N1 9AG
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