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Tunisia, 2017 (86 mins)

“More than a music biopic, as it keeps in its purview a complicated family history and the many societal changes taking place in Tunisia”


Known as the ‘Frank Sinatra of Tunisia’, Hedi Jouini is the most popular musical star in Tunisian history. His songs continue to inspire revolutionaries and conservatives alike, striking at the heart of the postcolonial, social and political upheaval of Tunisia and its continuing search for identity in the wake of the Arab Spring. Yet, despite being a peerless popular figure, Hedi Jouini kept his fame hidden from his family. Father to a nation yet not to his family, The Man Behind The Microphone is a compelling portrait of Hedi Jouini, the godfather of Tunisian music, directed by his granddaughter the British Tunisian director Claire Belhassine.


Sat 6 July 2019


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