In partnership with Africa Writes

This intensive workshop will explore some of the challenges and possibilities specific to translating comics, such as the tension between image and text, the importance of sound, wordplay and humour, and culture-specific visual language. Webcomic artist and graphic novelist Deena Mohamed will be invited to share her experience producing Qahera (a webcomic about ‘a female visibly Muslim superhero who combats misogyny and Islamophobia amongst other things’) in both Arabic and English. Participants will get a chance to explore different solutions for some of the translation problems entailed in that process, as well as work collaboratively on translating new material into English. Gloss translations will be provided, so knowledge of Arabic is not a must. The workshop will be facilitated by literary translators Sawad Hussain and Nariman Youssef. 

Presented with additional support from Drosos Foundation


Tue 2 July 2019


Room SG32 in Paul Webley Wing, SOAS

SOAS University of London
10 Thornhaugh Street,
London WC1H 0XG