During this last year cultural spaces have been closed and artists have had to postpone their work indefinitely. Unable to go out, many of us could not see our friends and loved ones, and  it was a struggle to follow the news. The world closed.

Fadaa (Space) is a new initiative, by artists and curators Khalid Al Baih and Hadeel Eltayeb, to broker fresh relationships between creatives and spaces in different locations. They have welcomed artists  back into spaces to create, share and present new works and invited audiences to return. The result is five events in five cities livestreamed globally. It is an initiative that aims to open up possibilities again and connect us together in a spirit of curiosity and generosity.

Each event is unique. Fadaa will feature theatre, music, soundscapes, dance and visual arts. Join us at each event for a glimpse of local talent and a window into another time and place.

أغلقت المساحات الثقافية في العام الماضي وكان على الفنانين أن يؤجلوا عملهم إلى أجل غير مسمى. بسبب عدم قدرتنا على الخروج، لم يتمكن الكثيرون منا من لقاء أصدقائهم وأحبابهم، ومتابعة الأخبار كانت صعبة. العالم أغلق.

‘فضاء‘ مبادرة جديدة للفنانين ومنسقي المعارض خالد البيه وهديل الطيب لإنشاء علاقات جديدة بين العمل الإبداعي والفضاءات في مواقع مختلفة. رحّبا بعودة الفنّانين إلى الفضاءات ليبدعوا ويشاركوا ويقدّموا أعمالهم الجديدة كما قاما بدعوة الجمهور للعودة. وكانت النتيجة خمس فَعّاليّات في خمس مُدن مع بث حي إلى كافة أنحاء ا لعالم. هي مبادرة تهدف إلى فتح الإمكانيّات مجدّداً وتواصلنا معاً بروح من الفضول والعطاء.

كل من هذه الفعاليات له خصوصيّته. يقدم مشروع ‘فضاء‘ المسرح، الموسيقى، اللوحات الصوتية، الرقص والفنون البصرية. شاركونا في كل حدث للوصول إلى لمحة عن المواهب المحلية ونافذة إلى مكان وزمان آخرين. 


4, 8, 10, 12, 14 July 2021

6pm BST

Five events in five cities, livestreamed globally on Twitch.

Sign up via Twitch for livestream notifications. Recordings of each event will be available here the following day.

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Replay: Sun 4 July

Goethe Institute, Khartoum, Sudan

With Hiba Ismail and Omer Al-Tijani (Sudanese Kitchen).

Based between London and Port Sudan, Hiba Ismail’s work contemplates, through the use of sound and moving image, the intricate ways in which global systems are etched into the earth. 

Based between London and Khartoum, Omer Al-Tijani, also known as Sudanese Kitchen, is a food archivist. His work creates  contact zones of culture and personal memory. Omar has spent the last few years archiving and compiling recipes from across for his forthcoming cookery book.

The Goethe Institute in Khartoum recently facilitated cultural projects such as Yalla Khartoum! Mirath and Makanek.

Replay: Thur 8 July

LOYAC, Beirut, Lebanon

With Michelle Keserwany, Noelle Keserwany, Wafa’a Celine Halawi

Michelle Keserwany and Noelle Keserwany are writers and musicians collaborating on a number of songs which satirise and critique the socio-political climate in Lebanon. They will be re-imagining a live performance of Romansiyyeh Siyesiyyeh (Political Romance). 

The dancer, scriptwriter, filmmaker Wafa’a Celine Halawi, member of the dance theatre company Maqamat, will dance  a new work in response to the theme When The World Closed. 

LOYAC is a nonprofit organisation working towards the overall development of youth.

Replay: Sat 10 July

Shababek, Gaza, Palestinian Territories

With Mariam Saleh, Mohamed Alimrani, Shareef Sarhan

Mariam Salah is a visual artist working with video, dance and performance.

Mohammed Alimrani is a visual artist exploring gender and contested identities in his work.

Shareef Sarhan is an artist and photographer. He is also the manager of Shababek, a founding member of the Windows for Contemporary Arts Group. Founded by artists, Shababek (Windows from Gaza), has been an active cultural space in Gaza since 2009.

Replay: Mon 12 July

AlHosh Gallery Msheireb, Doha

With Sonic Jeel, Hadeer Omar

Sonic Jeel

Sonic Jeel is an artist collective investigating sound, noise, electronic music and audio-visual media within the context of Qatar and the Gulf region.
Sonic Jeel will perform for Shubbak Festival with Sara Elawad, Michael Hersrud, and Simone Muscolino. 

Hadeer Omar is a visual artist using immersive XR media and new technologies to explore notions of identity and the self. 

AlHosh is an art gallery and exhibition space in downtown Doha.

Replay: Wed 14 July

Le 18, Morocco

With Said El Haddaji, Imane Zoubai, Diyae Bourhim and other artists

A special sneak preview of the 2021 Youmein Festival in Tangier, which each year brings a group of artists together over the course of 48 hours to develop brand new, pluridisciplinary work. For  When the World Closed, we will be inviting artists who have participated in previous editions of the Youmein Festival to take another look at the work they developed during the Festival and ask: What has changed? What has stayed the same? What does it mean to revisit this project in 2021?

These artists will create a special preview in Marrakech at LE 18 prior to the full Youmein Festival in Tangier later in July. 

Founded and developed by Zakaria Alilech, A. George Bajalia, and Tom Casserly, the Youmein Festival started in 2015 out of a desire to bring artists and performers from different disciplines together to create new work, communally, over the course of 48 hours.  

LE 18 is an independent cultural space in Marrakech, led by Laila Hida, Francesca Masoero, Soumeya Ait Ahmed, Meriem Benmhamed and Amine Lahrach and Nadir Bouhmouch.

Presented in partnership with Fadaa, curated by Hadeel Eltayeb and Khaled Albaih.

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