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Bad Diaspora Poems

Momtaza Mehri

Young Poet Laureate Momtaza Mehri hosts a gathering and reading of her tender, searing and satirical debut poetry collection Bad Diaspora Poems.

The definition of diaspora is the dispersion of any people from their original homeland. But what does it mean to write diaspora poetry? Bad Diaspora Poems traces the ripples of movement and displacement to and from the Horn of Africa during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, connecting transnational and intergenerational stories of loss and life-altering intimacy across Mogadishu, Cairo, Damascus, Naples, Tunis, and London. Cities to inherit, to “love from a burning distance”, to flee, to reconverge, to rest in, if even momentarily. Cities in which to start again and again, from the ashes, anew. We arrive at the present day, where these inherited histories and silences endure across generations.

Mixing her own family history with the history and stories of many others, Bad Diaspora Poems confronts the ambivalent nature of speaking for those who have been left behind. We meet the poet, the immigrant, the exile, the refugee, the runaway, the working class artist, the translator, and the diaspora kid attempting to transcend their clichéd angst. Taking the form of lyric, prose, erasures and text messages and taking place in living rooms and marketplaces, on buses and balconies, on transatlantic journeys and online, these are many-tongued poems defined by the aches and joys of our diasporic age. 


Thu 29 June 2023


Grand Junction, London

Rowington Close, London W2 5TF

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BSL interpretation will be provided.