Please donate to help the people of Beirut survive the tragedy of the recent explosion in the port area of the city.

Shubbak has very deep links to Beirut; a city filled with artists, creatives and cultural institutions, many of whom have gifted London audiences with some of the most memorable experiences of our festivals.

We have been in touch with the artists and partners we have worked with in the city, many of whom have become close friends. Like so many of the population, many of them have seen their houses, studios and offices severely damaged or destroyed, and some have been injured.

Our hearts and minds reach out to Beirut and its inhabitants in sympathy and solidarity. This tragedy has come amidst an unprecedented economic crisis and a rise in Covid-19 cases.

We encourage all of you - supporters, partners and audiences - to donate to relief efforts in Beirut. There are many available, and here is a selection of organisations which can receive funding from international sources. We are adding to this list regularly. Please be generous.

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The Shubbak team