A major multi-strand Shubbak commission in partnership with MARSM sees two of the most sought after Hip Hop and trap talents, The Synaptik and Felukah, collaborating to create two songs and videos, plus perform an exclusive live show at London's Jazz Cafe on 22 October 2021.

The collaboration is the culmination of a year-long process in which both artists built on their beliefs in individuality, personal freedoms and breaking down societal expectations. Reclaiming sounds, music and lyrics lies at the heart of this project as both artists talk about defying the constructs of pop culture and shed an unfiltered light on what it means to be Arab.

This project is about polarities, identity and just about being raw, Arab and not ashamed of being yourself. It talks about how we can't be ourselves in a world that is constantly trying to categorise and classify us.

The Synaptik & felukah

One of the music stars of the SWANA region, The Synaptik is at the forefront of a new wave of sound for young Arabs. His 2018 debut album, Om Al Mawjat, catapulted him to fame and led to collaborations with some of the biggest rappers in the Middle East. His milestone album Al Qamar Wal Moheet, just released on Warner Music, is deeply personal, honest and reflective.

Because of the nature of the collaboration, it was about existential subjects. Things that I and Felukah have in common. She comes from a very, very different background than I do. But we're both humans and we have all these common things.

The synaptik

Felukah is redefining the ways an Arab female artist can express herself, as one of the few women rappers on the scene. Born in Cairo and raised in New York she raps in both Arabic and English. Moving fluidly between both languages, she offers something different. Her hotly anticipated EP, Kawkab illustrates her experimental prowess.

It was really cool working with him. I loved the beats that we had in store and I got super creative just thinking about the flows I could do. It was really, really great.


The songs

In Nefsi (released 11th June 2021) which means both 'I wish' and 'myself' Felukah and The Synaptik talk about resisting compromise and accepting individuality. Listen to the song here.

Allaya'teek (released 3rd July 2021) speaks of loneliness, human relationships and what little separates us. Listen to the song here.

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Listen to Shubbak Festival's podcast episode, The Beat of a Generation, which takes a deep dive into Arab Hop Hop. Featuring The Synaptik and Felukah, Bint7alal and Philip Rachid.

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