We at Young Shubbak are collaborating with Theatre Relief Group in Lebanon to help raise funds through their fundraising event Beirut, No Show Tonight. It is a performance that will not take place, because it cannot take place.

Many of us have deep, personal ties to Lebanon. But all of us are mourning the victims of the Beirut explosion. As a collective of young Arab artists and curators we want to support the arts community on the ground in Lebanon.

This initiative is our invitation to you to stand with us by donating to help the theatre practitioners in Beirut who have been injured or who have lost their homes, to support the collectives who cannot sustain themselves, and to rebuild the venues that have suffered damage.

We are aiming to raise $1,500 by 6pm on 24th August. All you need to do is purchase a ticket to Beirut, No Show Tonight. It's a quick three step process which requires you to create an account. After you've made your donation, please send us your name and a screenshot of the amount you've donated to Shubbak's Instagram DM (shubbakfestival). For every dollar you donate, we will allocate you a raffle ticket (eg $10 donation = 10 raffle tickets). Head to our Instagram page for more information and regular updates.

The more you donate to Beirut, No Show Tonight the greater your chance of winning one of our ten original art prizes. These include limited edition upcycled tote bags made from Aicha El Beloui's original work MO(VE)MENTS which featured in Shubbak 2019, a mounted print on handmade paper of the goddess Anahita by Mana Merikhy, and a poem from Lebanese poet Riwa Saab who, inspired by Poetry Takeaway, will write a bespoke piece inspired by a place or person nominated by one of the raffle prize winners.

We will announce the ten winners on 24th August. Please be generous.

For more information on Theatre Relief and their initiatives, check out their Facebook page.

Young Shubbak