Image of woman standing in darkness on stage with her arms out wide with an orange in each hand. Many oranges strewn across the floor.
I M E D E A, performed in Naples. Image credit: Ivan Nocera


Presented by SABAB Theatre / Sulayman Al Bassam and Stone Nest

Medea, but not as you know her. This bold reimagining of the infamous Greek myth draws on the eroding infrastructures of fact in a digital world, to re-imagine Medea for an era of tech-driven authoritarianism. 

In Sulayman Al Bassam’s award winning new text, Medea figures as an educated and outspoken Arab woman, living in a secular European state, with a powerful social media following. Finding herself at odds with the populist ruler for her outspoken political views, Medea re-directs the tools of state surveillance put upon her to re-enact the violence of history, accumulated over generations.

Performed by award winning Franco-Syrian actress, Hala Omran, and accompanied by a mesmerising live score performed by Lebanese electro-acoustic duo, “Two, Or the Dragon”, the performance lies midway between a live rock concert and slam poetry session. I M E D E A has generated exceptional reactions from audiences and critics alike as it continues its world tour. 

Directed by Sulayman Al Bassam.
Performed by Hala Omran.

About the venue

Stone Nest is an arts organisation and performance venue in the heart of London's West End, bringing exceptional and experimental art to a wide audience. A hidden gem nestled amidst the bright lights of theatreland, it offers a platform for bold, visionary artists and a space where audiences can encounter an eclectic programme of contemporary performance.

Stone Nest is an old building and unfortunately cannot currently accommodate electric wheelchairs. We can accommodate manually operated wheelchairs via a temporary ramp; please let us know that you are a wheelchair user when booking.

آي ميديا

سليمان البسام 

يستمد هذا الإعداد الحر للأسطورة الإغريقية الشهيرة من تآكل مفهوم الحقيقة في عالمنا الرقمي قراءة لـ"ميديا" في منظومة نظام قمعي في عصر الاستبداد التكنولوجي.

يقدم نص سليمان البسام الحائز على جوائز "ميديا" كمهاجرة عربية مثقفة مسيسة وشخصية مؤثرة على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي، تجد نفسها في خلاف عميق مع العالم من حولها، الأمر الذي يدفعها إلى تصعيد وتيرة العنف بشكل لا عقلاني داخل فضاءها العائلي. 

العرض من بطولة الفنانة الفرنسية السورية المكللة بالجوائز حلا عمران بصحبة الموسيقى الحية الآسرة لثنائي فريق الموسيقى الكهروصوتية اللبناني "التنّين" ما بين حفلة الروك حية والجلسة الشاعرية الساحرة، وأثار عرض "آي ميديا" خلال جولاته العالمية المستمرة ردود فعل استثنائية بين الجماهير والنقاد على حدٍ سواء.

إعداد وإخراج: سليمان البسام

بطولة: حلا عمران

بدعم من مجلس الفنون في إنكلترا.

Generously supported by Arts Council England.


Sept 29 - Oct 1 2023

Fri 7.30pm

Sat 2pm & 7.30pm

Sun 6pm

80 minutes (no interval)
Suitable for 14 years+


£15 / £25

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Stone Nest

136 Shaftesbury Avenue,
London W1D 5EZ

Restricted wheelchair access. Please contact the venue for Companion tickets here.