Mehdi Annassi Shubbak 2019


Watch the video to get an insight into Mehdi Annassi’s process for his Shubbak 2019 public mural commission on St. Mark’s Road, Ladbroke Grove.

About the mural

During his first international residency, Casablanca-based street artist Mehdi Annassi explored the neighbourhoods of North Kensington to create a new mural in a public location. Through spending time with residents and community groups, the artist delved into Ladbroke Grove’s past and present. Together with FerArts, SK Youth Families, and eight local collaborators, Mehdi developed a graphic story, showing creatures settling, leaving and searching for new homes under the eyes of an ominous figure. The story captures ideas of change and renewal in neighbourhoods and communities.

Find out more about the mural, commissioned as part of Shubbak's 2019 festival.

Mehdi Annassi's mural in North Kensington