After an incredible response to the Young Shubbak artist call-out for Bayti Baytek (My Home Is Your Home), we are happy to announce our third artist pairing. Reem Karssli and Doha Aboelezz have been assigned The Living Room as a prompt for their Bayti Baytek collaboration.

Let's find out more about them.

Reem Karssli

Reem Karssli is a Syrian filmmaker and installation artist based in Germany.

Reem and Caroline William’s transportative video installation Now is The Time to Say Nothing was the first event Young Shubbak attended together, and it’s still on our minds!

In order to share the stories she needs to tell, many of which are encounters of war, flight and rescue, the genre Reem turns to most is documentary. She explores and stretches the medium to tell stories in various ways; from film and photography, to theatre and immersive installations. Her first film, Every Day Every Day marked a major turning point in her artistic career.

Doha Aboelezz

Doha Aboelezz is a Cairo-based visual artist.

Her work draws upon her own experience and is a constant investigation of the notions of home, locality, belonging, and identity.

She portrays such concepts through experimentation with photography, sculpture and found objects. Always finding herself referring to family and home, she struggles to make the personal universal.

Her work was exhibited at Maraya Art Centre’s 2019 show (be)longing.

What three words best describe your practice?

Personal. Truth. Looking for answers.

What three words best describe your practice?

Experimental. Documentative. Ephemeral.

What are you looking forward to in Bayti Baytek?

Making art in such a unique situation, to know how other artists and people are dealing with quarantine and to create from our position.

What drew you to this opportunity?

Its concept is within my field of interest and it was an opportunity to create with and meet other artists.

Do you have advice for young artists navigating quarantine?

This is something we’ve never lived through before. All I can say is let’s make art and let’s stay alive.

How can artists of your generation feel more supported at the moment?

Being offered more opportunities and a chance to create without fitting a certain criteria, especially for artists with less experience.