About Bayti Baytek

Young Shubbak are pleased to announce their first virtual initiative Bayti Baytek (My Home Is Your Home). Three virtual collaborations that take inspiration from the spaces within a home and explore the possibilities and restraints of digital spaces.

In May 2020 Young Shubbak launched an open call inviting 18-25 year old MENA (Middle East and North Africa) artists of any discipline to apply for an opportunity to collaborate with previous Shubbak artists. After an incredible response we are happy to announce that the pairings have been selected. The artists chosen are Nour Annan, Nada Elkalaawy and Doha Aboelezz, paired with Shubbak Festival alumni Joe Namy, Enkidu Khaled, and Reem Karssli respectively.

About Young Shubbak

Young Shubbak are a new collective of 18-25-year-old artists, curators, producers and creatives who programme multi-art form events that are relevant to young people’s cultural experience, and promote inclusivity in the arts. Find out more

The Brief

Each creative pair have been assigned a room in a home (kitchen, bedroom, living room) and given five days to create a response. When and how often artists come together for sessions is up to each pairing. The output can take on any form, medium or duration, but all will be presented digitally.

The inter and cross-disciplinary nature of the pairings invites early-career and established artists to exchange freely. The process and project output offers a platform for artists to exercise the creative opportunities the pandemic presents while responding to the everyday at this time. Ultimately, it is a celebration of the endurance of culture in times of hardship whilst fostering intergenerational processes in MENA region arts. 

Presented with support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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The Collaborations

The collaborations will bring together MENA artists across the globe through a rapid-response opportunity which captures the extraordinary times we find ourselves living in. By encouraging collaborators to take inspiration from the space of home while also exploring the possibilities and restraints digital spaces present, we hope that the creative responses produced will see the familiar and everyday utilised and de-familiarised in fresh, engaging ways.

The artists have helped us get to know them better by answering some questions about their craft and their quarantine experiences...

The Works

A silhouetted woman standing in front of a large window looking at her phone. Through the window you can see high rise housing blocks.

Joe Namy + Nour Annan

Our first pair are using The Bedroom as the prompt for their collaboration. Their video work Studies on a Comfort Pillow launches Tuesday 19 May 2020.

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Enkidu Khaled + Nada Elkalaawy

Our second artist pairing have been assigned The Kitchen as a prompt for their collaboration. Ball of Kitchen Games and Showers will take place on Zoom on Thursday 21 May 2020.

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Reem Karssli + Doha Aboelezz

Our third artist pairing have been assigned The Living Room as a prompt for their collaboration. Their video A Space in Time launches Saturday 23 May 2020.

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