Nada Elkalaawy

Ball of Kitchen Games and Showers

For Young Shubbak's Bayti Baytek (My Home Is Your Home), six geographically remote artists that otherwise would have never met pair up and take a room of the home as their stimulus for a digital exchange process. In a rapid timeline of five days, three new works have been created.

Nada Elkalaawy and Enkidu Khaled meet across visual arts and theatre over a five-day online lab.  They employ Enkidu’s 'working method' as the starting point: a step-by-step method that breaks down the complex process of making art from personal experience. Over several sketches, Nada's flashes of fractured familial memories transform into multi-layered, original landscapes reflecting her present internal state.

On their final Bayti Baytek day, they invite you to join them for a workshop on transforming memories into live acts in the privacy of your home.

The session will close with a live improvised performance by the pair. Come together with the artists in the space between poetry and fragility, humour and seriousness.

Nada Elkalaawy is an Egyptian painter, visual artist and animator living in London. Her personal history is her primary material dealing with loss, fiction and traces of memory. Enkidu Khaled grew up and studied theatre in Baghdad before settling and working in Belgium. The name Enkidu means ‘reason’, his method is trying to make sense. Find out more about both artists here.

Presented by Young Shubbak with support from The Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


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Young Shubbak's introduction to Ball of Kitchen Games and Showers is available on IGTV.


Ball of Kitchen Games and Showers took place on Zoom.