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Flowing Shorelines

Reem Acason & Friends

To accompany Reem Acason’s exhibition ‘Two Seas’, Shubbak is delighted to bring this specially curated family-friendly afternoon of events in its first-ever engagement in Medway.

Join us as we bring communities together through the arts, celebrating the rich cultures that make Medway what it is through the perspective of Arab artists. From music and dance to print-making, there will be something for everyone to take part in.  

11 - 1 pm
Reem will be running printmaking workshops where participants will create their own prints of wild birds, inspired by her exhibition Two Seas. Some cutting with craft knives and scissors will be involved in the process. Suitable for adults and accompanied children over eight-years-old.

1:45 - 2:30 pm 

Jump in for a high-energy Dabke workshop with Hawiyya Dance Company, an all-female dance collective celebrating culture and ancestral history through traditional and contemporary dance. 

3 - 4 pm 

The day will culminate with a breath-taking music performance by singer and musician Rama Alcoutlabi and multi-instrumentalist Mario Christofi. Prepare to be taken on a musical journey from the shores of the Levant all the way to Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Iran. Blurring borders, their songs are a celebration of communities and cultures. 

11 - 4 pm (all day)

Make art. Have conversation. Bridge connections. Take part and make your contribution to conceptual artist Aya Haidar's two participatory installations, subverting the concept of borders.

Come together to create a monument of origami herons that will migrate around the country commemorating lives journeyed and lost across seas.

We invite you to collectively sit, share, and stitch around the border of a spherical fabric resulting in a richly layered tapestry encapsulating and transcending borders.

يسر مهرجان شُبّاك إقامة هذه الفعاليات المناسبة للعائلة والمنظمة خصيصاً في مشاركته الأولى على الإطلاق في (ميدواي) لمرافقة معرض الفنانة (ريم أكاسون) "البحرين". انضموا إلينا بينما نجمع المجتمعات المحلية معاً من خلال الفنون، حيث نحتفي بالثقافات الغنية التي تميز (ميدواي) من منظور فنانين عرب، وستكون هناك أنشطة يمكن للجميع المشاركة فيها، من موسيقى ورقص وطباعة. ستدير (ريم) ورش عمل للطباعة مستوحاة من معرضها "البحرين" سيصنع فيها المشاركون مطبوعات لطيور برية باستخدام عبوات معاد تصنيعها، وسيكون القص والقطع باستخدام المقصات والسكاكين الحرفية من الأنشطة المتضمنة في هذه العملية، وهذه الورش ملائمة للكبار والأطفال المصحوبين بذويهم الذين تزيد أعمارهم عن 8 أعوام.

Generously supported by Arts Council England. 

In partnership with Medway Council and Rochester Art Gallery. 


Sat 8 July 2023



Suitable for adults and accompanied children 8 years+ as the workshop will entail some cutting with craft knives and scissors will be involved in the process.

Chatham Library

Chatham Library & Community Hub, Dock Road, Chatham ME4 4TX
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An access support worker will be available on the day. If you do require additional support to participate fully please make yourself known to one of our friendly Shubbak volunteers.