When the Night Speaks

Join us for a night of Arabic techno, hip hop, and oldtime classics, blended with the voices of people with SWANA heritage.

‘When the Night Speaks – صوت اللّيل’ is an unmissable party exploring the cross-sections of sound, rhythm, and story.

In this event, it’s the essential rhythms moving through us that bring us together. The sounds that we know vibrating in our bones. Expect the frequencies of Arabic techno, hip hop, and oldtime classics, to wash over you. Interlaced in the night’s sonic world will be voice recordings of poems and stories by people of SWANA heritage sharing their connection to land in London and back home.

This event precedes When the Land Speaks – صوت الأرض on July 9th, which invites audiences to walk along a trail through Hackney Marshes, exploring what it means to be in dialogue with land and its lifeforce - the plants, their roots, and the breathing soil and their lifeforce that pulsate among us.


LUMA is a British-Iraqi DJ and radio host. LUMA runs Habibti Nation – a club night and monthly radio show on Balamii in London, showcasing underground electronic music from SWANA and the Arabic speaking world with a focus on female, non-binary and trans artists.   

LUMA plays a global and far reaching selection of club ready rhythmic percussion and weighty bass, hopping around tempos, genres and moods. She has been establishing her presence in the London music scene with her eclectic selection of sounds, supporting Acid Arab at Fabric, Habibi Funk at the Jazz Cafe and playing at Boiler Room and Keep Hush. 


Basma is the host of Khartoum Arrivals on NTS Radio and the co-host of radio show and record label Hear, Sense and Feel. She plays music inspired by the long road, drawing from the wedding anthems and eclectic folk of Sudan, the Sahel, the Horn and beyond.  

Aisha Mirza

Queer Egyptian-Pakistani DJ, artist & writer Aisha Mirza (@uglyinahotway) wants you to dance. A regular DJ at London & New York's most vibrant club nights & having played stages across Europe & beyond, they are well versed at getting the party started. At Aisha's sets expect a genre-transcendent adventure through South Asian melodies, North African, Brazilian & Afrobeat booty-shaking rhythms, club bangers & Kate Bush edits.

Aisha is also the founder of misery (@miseryparty) a mental health charity & sober rave for queer/trans people of colour. They are passionate about accessible raving, mental health, boats & their wife.


Hiba is a Lebanese DJ and selector based in Scotland who uses club spaces to platform Southwest Asian and North African artistry as a celebration of Arab culture and heritage. She holds radio residencies at Radio Buena Vida, Radio Flouka, and EHFM to showcase the diversity and dynamism of Arabic music.

صوت الليل

انضموا إلينا في ليلة من موسيقى التكنو والهيب هوب والكلاسيكيات العربية القديمة الممزوجة بأصوات أشخاص ترجع أصولهم إلى منطقة جنوب غرب آسيا وشمال أفريقيا.

صوت الليل حفل لا يمكن تفويته يستكشف تقاطع الصوت والإيقاع والقصة. وما يجمعنا في هذه الفعالية هو الإيقاعات الأساسية التي تتحرك عبرنا والأصوات التي نعرف أنها تتذبذب بتناغم في داخلنا، فتوقعوا أن تغمركم ترددات موسيقى التكنو والهيب الهوب والكلاسيكيات العربية القديمة، وسيتداخل مع العالم الصوتي لليل تسجيلات صوتية لقصائد وقصص يسردها أشخاص ترجع أصولهم إلى منطقة جنوب غرب آسيا وشمال أفريقيا حيث يشاركون علاقتهم بالأرض في لندن وفي أوطانهم الأم. تسبق هذه الفعالية فعالية "صوت الأرض" التي ستُقام في التاسع من تموز/يوليو، والتي تدعو الجمهور إلى المشي على طول طريق محدد عبر (هاكني مارشز) لاستكشاف ما يعنيه أن نكون في حوار مع الأرض وقوة الحياة الكامنة فيها – النباتات وجذورها والتربة النابضة بالحياة وقوتها التي تنبض بيننا.

Curated and produced by Riwa Saab, Young Shubbak alumna.

Generously supported by Arts Council England and the A. M. Qattan Foundation.


Fri 7 July 2023

9pm-2 am


£8 - £15 (pay what you can)

The Yard

Unit 2a Queen's Yard,
White Post Lane,
Hackney Wick,
London, E9 5EN


Basic ear-plugs provided to reduce noise levels. Please ask a Shubbak volunteer.


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