Sketch book cover
A Space in Time, a video work by Reem Karssli & Doha Aboelezz for Young Shubbak’s Bayti Baytek

A Space in Time

For Young Shubbak's Bayti Baytek (My Home Is Your Home), six geographically remote artists that otherwise would have never met pair up and take a room of the home as their stimulus for a digital exchange process. In a rapid timeline of five days, three new works have been created.

Reem Karssli and Doha Aboelezz had never heard of each other before agreeing to embark on a five-day process in which they began to merge their lives across a single timeline. How can you get to know someone across the world through their lockdown living space alone? On day one they decide to start a sketchbook together. They explore questions of collaboration and surprise friendships across borders, the intimacy of digital encounters, and what our living spaces mean to us. A Space in Time is the chance to witness the beginning of a newfound collaboration.

Reem Karssli is a Syrian filmmaker and video artist who has recently moved to Berlin. In order to share the stories she needs to tell, many of which are encounters of war, flight and rescue, the genre Reem turns to most is documentary. Doha Aboelezz is a Cairo-based visual and installation artist. Her work draws upon notions of home, locality, belonging, and identity. Find out more about the artists here.

Presented by Young Shubbak with support from The Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


23 May - 30 June 2020

This video is no longer available.